7 Indian Wedding Sarees for Brides to Create Style Statement

It goes without saying that Indian weddings are celebrated as one of the grandest ceremonies in India. The beautiful customs of a wedding like engagement, sangeet, and haldi are its integral parts. Engaging in these massive arrangements gives everyone time to explore and experience the awesomeness of Indian traditions. It is full of colors and shines everywhere in and around the wedding destination.

The divine endeavor unfolds further with the gorgeous styling of various forms of wedding sarees for the bride. Ladies have a special place for sarees which is why buying sarees have become quite popular these days.

Latest Wedding Sarees to Flaunt This Wedding Season!

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Every bride’s dream is to look her best in her wedding ceremonies. Fortunately, a traditional wedding saree never goes out of fashion. With the growing demands, modern and contemporary sarees for brides are also available now. These sarees encourage the creative approach in bringing new and unique designs in this arena of fashion.

South Indian sarees and Kanchipuram silk sarees are the additions to the wardrobe every Indian woman really wishes for. These sarees have a special place as most loved according to the demand and preferences of women.

1. South India’s Pure Silk Sarees

Silk sarees in South India are considered very auspicious by most ladies for every occasion, especially weddings. These sarees belong to most South Indian states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. South India is very popular for Silk sarees such as Mysore Silk, Bangalore Silk, Handloom Silk, and many more.

Traditional White Gold Silk Saree, also known as (Kasavu in Kerala and Pattu sarees in Tamil Nadu) is widely popular. It is considered auspicious, and brides here wear them as their South Indian Wedding Silk Saree. These are usually plain white and gold bordered but are now available in woven designs, brocade, or copper borders on pallus.

2. Kanjivaram Broad Pallu Bordered Sarees

Another variation in silk saree is Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram wedding silk sarees with its significantly broader sides which cover the whole pallu of a saree. They contrast with the saree colors and boldly represent the saree form. These sarees are the most long-term and valuable beauty investment for ladies as they do not lose their shine for many years.

With its heaviness and super-finished shine, this saree glows like gold jewelry worn by a lady. These days, ladies also wear it with saree belts, creating a sleek and delicate look.

3. Banarasi Sarees for Sophisticated Look

Accentuated with the delicate weaving of silk threads into the most intricate designs is an identification of Banarasi wedding sarees. These sarees are mostly covered with these weavings in totality and come with a combination of different saree materials. These combinations took various forms and variants like Brocade sarees, Tissue, Kora Silk (Organza) Sarees, Tanchoi, Jangla, etc.

The draping as either an open pallu or pleated version recites the saga of minute detailing and represents a different story of its making and presentation. Its jewelry-like designs fit into lehenga choli and Kurtis as if they were made for those dresses.

4. Red and Green Coloured Gharchola Sarees

The beautiful combination of red and green colors flown in the Gujarat and Rajasthan-based Gharchola Saree are the lovely couture of simplicity. They are in their usual square pattern with golden borders and pallu filled with green color.

The saree’s texture is so unique that it resembles the bandhani effect in the form of squished paper-like finish. This texture helps the saree give lightweight base silk and is very comfortable to carry throughout a wedding on the head of a Gujarati bride.

The kind of formations, animals, sculptures, and flowers showcases the voice of Indian culture and art form; the whole design is inspired by rich art forms and talent of the craftsmanship of the diversified stature of India.

5. Beautifully Long Paithani Saree

The state of Maharashtra is filled with colors of liveliness and uniqueness, which are also depicted in its attires and fashion. These trends include different variants of every dress as well as styles of sarees. Paithani Saree is worn by Marathi brides during all the important wedding rituals and ceremonies. These sarees have a unique method of draping in dhoti style to maintain the long yards of sarees in a systematic form.

It is a known fact and distinguishing feature of the saree and is adored and accepted worldwide by Indian girls and women. Its zari yarns and designs of Ajanta and Buddhist sculptures all over make the garment look elegant and attractive

6. Gujarati Bridal Panetar Sarees

White and red Gujarati Panetar sarees are the symbolic Indian wedding sarees that define the meaning of peace as white and happiness as red. Both the complimentary colors combined to voice the auspicious marriage association. Especially in the broad daylight, the golden works of Panetar sarees distinguish the bride from everyone else.

Panetar sarees, in addition to Patola, are woven with zardozi, stone, and cut-dana work, enchanting the pallu to the next level of versatile trendiness. The light weight of the saree helps carry the pallu easily with elegance on the bride’s head.


7. Elegant Western Net Sarees

Although Indian wedding sarees have an immense range in traditional forms, there is a new addition to the saree family. These are the latest soft net fabric sarees; they are very delicate yet very long-term value-worthy sarees. Girls do prefer net sarees as they are modern and give an Indian-western touch to the overall looks. They are also very lightweight with a cotton-like feel to wear when it comes to carrying fashion with comfort.

These sarees also come with different styles of embroideries, dyes, and combinations of other saree materials. They look best with georgette, silk, and satin sarees with unique net additions in pallu or half saree, half lehenga form. These are the most loved Indian wedding sarees nowadays and are the first choice of modern brides and newly wedded girls.

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Indian wedding sarees never lose a touch of freshness and grandeur. This six-yard piece of cloth has always been a face of India’s fashion and couture. The designs and intricate versions of sarees for the bride is the foremost stature of every wedding.

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