Basic concepts and properties of a circle

A circle in mathematics or geometry is a two dimensional object, that can be characterized as a combination of points that is equidistant from a proper point known as the focal point of the circle.

This article will make you acquainted with the essentials of circles with a few progressed concepts like the geometry of a circle, the idea of concentric circles, tangents and secants, and considerably more. Also, we will zero in on the numerical concepts concerning the points, the conditions followed by the outcomes.

Circular shaped objects

There are a few objects we have more likely seen in real life scenarios that are circular in shape. A few instances of circle-molded items are: Rings, coins, wheels of a vehicle, bangles, plate, CD/disc, button, dartboard, hula loop, balls, watches and clocks, Ferris wheels and so on. A few such examples can be seen in our everyday life.

Various parts of Circle

A circle has various parts relying upon its structures and properties. The various parts of a circle are as per the following:

Center of a circle: It is characterized as the midpoint of a given circle.

Radius of a circle: A line segment joining the focal point of a circle to any area on the actual circle is known as a radius.

Diameter of a circle:A line segment whose two endpoints is on the circle and is the biggest chord of the circle is known as the diameter of a circle.

Annulus of a circle: The region limited by two concentric circles is known as the annulus. It looks like a ring-formedobject as displayed.

Arc of a circle: An arc of a circle is connected with an arc, which is a segment/part of its circumference.

Sector of a circle: The sector of a circle is the region outlined by two radii and the relating arc segment all around. There are two kinds of sectors. One is known as minor and the other as major.

Segment of a circle: The region contained by the chord and the relating arc segment of a circle is known as a section. The two parts of sections are known as minor and major sections.
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It should be noticed that sections do exclude the middle.

Chord of a circle: A chord of a circle is any line segment meeting the circle at two particular points on its circumference.

Secant of a circle: A straight line crossing the circle at two points on the boundary is a secant.

Tangent of a circle: A coplanar straight line that contacts the circumference of the circle at a solitary meeting point is known as the tangent.

Up to this point we have gone through the essential concepts of circles, presently moving towards the construction of the circle in geometry.

How to Draw a Circle?

To know what a circle is and how to draw it let us take this model:

  • Take a clean paper and register a solitary spot on the paper, some place in the middle of the paper, and name it to point C (centre).
  • Then, at that point, select an arbitrary distance for radius, for instance, 6 cm.
  • With the assistance of a ruler, keeping the zero mark right on point C as the reference, arbitrarily mark 6 cm far off from point O every which way.
  • Mark as many points as could reasonably be expected, yet every one of them should be explicitly 6 cm from point C.
  • Assuming you have picked an adequate number of points then you might see that the shape looks like a circle and this is actually the diagram of a circle in mathematics.

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