Lab Grown Diamonds UK

Buying lab grown diamonds in the UK can be a great option for anyone who values ethical and sustainable diamond mining. Many UK buyers face a major barrier when purchasing diamonds due to unethical and conflict labor practices in the diamond-growing process. But new companies have been establishing operations in the UK to provide ethical and affordable diamonds. Lab grown diamonds UK may be the answer to all of these problems. Here are some reasons to consider buying diamonds from these new businesses.


There are several reasons to choose IGI lab grown diamonds when buying a precious stone. These reasons may range from financial to ethical and environmental. Regardless of your motivation, you should work with a reputable jeweler who can provide you with a reputable IGI certificate. Obtaining this certificate is an important step in ensuring the quality of your diamond purchase. Here are a few of the main reasons why you should choose IGI lab grown diamonds.

The certificate describes several elements, including the diamond’s material and origin. The shape, symmetry and proportions are measured. The cut grade is used to determine how a diamond was cut from its rough state, as well as how it sparkles. The diamond’s table size is measured by calculating the average of the diamond’s minimum and maximum diameters. The certificate also includes a photo of the diamond to prove its authenticity.


If you are looking for a beautiful diamond without the high cost and worry about a fake, then GIA lab grown diamonds are the way to go. These diamonds are created in labs under the strict supervision of a reputable gemological laboratory. In fact, GIA certification is the most popular and recognized of all diamond certifications. They are also known as ethical and above earth diamonds. And unlike diamonds mined from the earth, they do not have to be cut or polished. This makes them ideal for engagement rings and wedding ring sets.

GIA laboratory grown diamonds are certified. The diamonds have been examined under a spectrum of descriptions, and the certificate shows the process used to create them. In contrast, natural diamonds are graded using a scale of one to ten, so it’s possible to get a grading of a diamond that is ten times higher or lower than a lab-grown one. It’s important to note that the two certifications are not necessarily equivalent – it’s worth comparing diamonds from different laboratories to determine the difference in quality.

Brilliant Earth

If you are looking for the most ethically sourced diamonds available, you should consider using one of the many lab-grown diamond suppliers like Brilliant Earth. This brand is committed to a transparent, ethical, and sustainable jewelry industry. Moreover, it offers the widest selection of lab-grown diamonds in the jewelry market. As of now, it is the largest supplier of lab-grown diamonds. To learn more, check out this company’s website.

Another advantage of purchasing your engagement ring from Brilliant Earth is their blockchain-tracked program. The website enables customers to know exactly where their stone was grown. Another plus is that Brilliant Earth uses environmentally friendly practices and has a low carbon footprint. However, their production estimates take longer than those of other retailers. In addition, they must have enough time to create and ship your ring. Therefore, if you want to order an engagement ring from them, consider this option if your budget allows it.


NOVITA DIAMONDS is a leading global player in the lab-grown diamond industry, and their London branch is the hub of their operations. Founded in Australia, the company quickly dominated the market in their home countries of New Zealand and Australia. Therefore, a move to the UK was a natural next step for them. However, it is not just about offering great diamond prices. The company is also committed to high standards of ethics and environmental impact, making its lab-grown diamonds even more appealing. Purchasing man made diamonds Sydney can be a good investment because they are cheaper than natural diamonds.

NOVITA DIAMONDS was established in 2007 and has since grown to operate two showrooms in the UK. The company has already established a presence in Manchester, and it intends to spread its wings to every major city in the UK. As an independent entity, NOVITA DIAMONDS UK has complete control over the retail process. The company is also able to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers, which is important when it comes to supplying the jewelry industry.

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