Lip Injections – What to Expect

If you’ve been thinking about getting your lips augmented, there are many options to consider. Despite the high price tag, these injections can improve your lips temporarily and are safe for long-term use. The initial consultation costs around $180, and this money can be redeemed for a Lip Injection Melbourne. Here are the steps to follow before you choose the right lip enhancement procedure for you. Read on to learn more about lip injections in Melbourne and find out what to expect.

As with any cosmetic procedure, a highly experienced practitioner is essential for your results. Choosing an experienced injector will result in a natural-looking pout with a fuller, more youthful look. The Injecting Team is comprised of some of Melbourne’s top facial volumisers, including board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja MD. Sandra Wallace is a senior nurse injector who has over five to 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic injecting. She also has extensive experience administering dermal fillers to various areas of the body, including the lips.

A highly experienced doctor is also crucial in achieving the best results for your lip enhancement procedure. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can help you achieve a natural-looking pout with a natural look that is perfect for you. She’s a member of the Injecting Team and specializes in treating patients who want to enhance their appearance with fuller, more youthful looking lips. You can get these procedures done even if you’re in your twenties, though it is best to seek a board-certified plastic surgeon to avoid complications and ensure the best outcome for your lip enhancement procedure.

The process of lip injections is quick and requires little downtime. You can resume work the day afterward, but you should be aware that there may be some swelling and bruising for the first 24 to 48 hours. Some people can return to work after this procedure, while others need to wait for the acute swelling to subside before going back to their daily routine. In addition to ensuring that your chosen plastic surgeon is qualified to perform your procedure, you should also account for the potential side effects of the procedure.

Despite the minimal downtime associated with lip injections, you should avoid touching your lips for 24 hours after your procedure. In addition to the potential risks of infection, lip injections can cause bruising and swelling. A qualified cosmetic surgeon can treat these complications and help you look your best. The results will last for weeks or even months. If you’re not satisfied with your results, you should reconsider seeking an alternative doctor.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is a critical part of your overall health. Make sure you find a cosmetic surgeon who has experience in lip enhancements and is well-trained and licensed. It’s essential to choose a medical professional who has a proven track record for injecting patients. A skilled and experienced professional will ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for both you and your doctor. While undergoing lip enhancements, it’s important to leave a 12 hour window to heal.

Before having lip injections, you should check with your physician. A board-certified dermatologist can provide the necessary advice to you. During this time, it’s best to avoid touching or talking to your lips for at least twelve hours. In addition, you should also avoid rubbing your face immediately afterward. However, your lip injections will be fully healed and look as beautiful as ever. Just be sure to follow the instructions and follow the doctor’s orders.

Before undergoing lip injections, you should consult with a cosmetic surgeon. Injections are safe and can reduce the risk of infection and scarring. The procedure will last between one to four months.
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After the procedure, you can expect to see results in a few weeks. After the procedure, you should wait at least 12 hours before you resume your normal activities. You should avoid exposing your new lips to direct sunlight after undergoing treatment.

A highly trained and experienced injector will ensure your lips look natural and are subtly full.
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The procedure will be performed at the Injecting Team’s Melbourne clinic. It is led by Dr. Anita Saluja and Dr. Rebecca Novo have over five years of combined experience in cosmetic injectables melbourne. Having a professional in your corner will ensure your lips look their best. So, go ahead and make an appointment today.

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