Shoulder Physiotherapy At Melbourne Hand Therapy

The shoulder has highly mobile joints, which are the most used in the human body as it provides movement to the arms.  The shoulder is highly likely to suffer from dislocation and shoulder pain which may be caused by daily wear and tear as we age, sports, work and in some cases accidents.  These injuries can be managed through Physiotherapy and Melbourne Hand Therapy Clinic provides the service with the help of professionally trained Physiotherapists. 

The shoulder is considered the least stable joint on its own but with the muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding it, it is able to provide stability and coordination movements of the upper limb. The shoulder ligaments limit excessive movement, the tendons wrap around the shoulder joints to increase stability while the muscles around it offer support to the joint during movement. 

Common Shoulder Injuries That Require Shoulder Physiotherapy

1. Fractures 

Whenever there is force transfer through the upper limb, maybe from an accident or heavy fall on your outstretched limb, your shoulder may suffer from bone fractures. 

If one falls onto a lateral shoulder, they may discover swelling, tenderness, inability to move the upper limb or inflammation which are results of a fractured clavicle. 

Falling onto an outstretched arm may also fracture the humerus bone, which has a lot of muscular attachments that allow us to lift and move our limbs. You will have symptoms such as acute pain, swelling and inflammation. 

2. Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries may occur when the rotator cuff muscles and surrounding tendons are pressured beyond their ability or decreased ability to repair tendons as we age, causing a tear. These injuries often cause acute pain.

3. Dislocations

Joint dislocations are common shoulder injuries that may occur when one falls on an outstretched limb or sustains a huge blow to the shoulder area. Joint dislocations may also cause ligaments and tendon damage as well as bone fractures. 

Other shoulder injuries include ligament injuries, arthritis and bursitis which can be managed effectively through shoulder physiotherapy ensuring that you return to doing the things you love whether at home or at work as soon as possible.

As seen, these shoulder injuries are different despite affecting the same body part and our Physiotherapists at Melbourne Hand Therapy Clinic work with you on rehabilitation programs that will guarantee full recovery. 

We employ a variety of exercises such as dry needling, ice and heat treatment, brace support, joint mobilization and manual therapy for soft tissues. These exercises are important to regain stability and restore the full functionality of your shoulder. 

Our rehabilitation programs educate clients on shoulder pain and how to reduce the chances of occurring again as they manage current injuries. At Melbourne Hand Therapy we also help clients identify those exercises that are less likely to cause re-injury and complications after recovery and recommend postures that reduce shoulder injuries. 

If having shoulder pain and other symptoms that persist, it is time to consult our Physiotherapists who will diagnose and recommend the best treatment plan.

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