Tips to Gain Geese Control Humanely 

Canada goose is one of the most beautiful birds to view. They look eye-pleasing while flying in the sky. But each Canadian wants them far away from their yards and homes. Geese have been an issue in Canada for many years and a lot of precautions have been used to keep them away from the population. 

There are various repellents that promise geese control and there are a lot of professional services as well, which help you in keeping these beautiful birds away. However you can also actively follow some simple tips to keep these creatures under control. And we have listed some of them below for you. 

Tips for Geese Control

If you are wondering why only geese attack your yards and not other bird species, then it is because they are one of the largest species of geese in North America. They are extremely abundant, and thus, they show up a lot in Canadian homes. 

But don’t worry. Here are some tips that can actively be used to gain geese control and keep them away from your yards. Let’s begin. 

1. Do not Feed them:

A goose is really beautiful and in the beginning, you might be tempted to feed them a thing or two. But hey, stop right there. Feeding them will make them stick around a lot more. If you think that they will eat and leave; that is not the situation. Once you feed one goose, others will follow in too and they won;t leave your yard. Also, when they munch on human food, they will not be tempted by the food in the wild and will keep returning.

2. Keep all Food Sources away from your Property:

Geese love to munch on human garbage. Leftover food is easy for them to pick on. Thus, you need to make sure that you are not leaving any food or garbage, in your yard or the premise of your property. Your trash containers would be extremely hard to open so that a goose can certainly not get into it. Place it away from the yard and make sure that it is locked tightly.
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Throw away your garbage regularly. 

3. Keep your Yard’s Grass Long:

Geese hate long grass and this might actually help. They usually stay in clear areas so that they can stay safe.
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Predators can easily sit in long grass and they do not prefer it. Thus, grow your grass and it might be a natural repellent for them. 

4. Keep a Dog:

If you love dogs, then pet one as it is really helpful in gaining control over geese. Dogs run after animals and scare them away. There are specific breeds too which are trained for this specific task. Geese view dogs as predators and not their playmates and will run away. Visit this site: f95 zone


With a little care and active effort, you can keep geese away from your home and yard easily. And oh, geese hate loud noises and get scared. You can definitely try this temporary solution to scare them away too. 

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