What Do People Do on Weekends in Charlotte

Charlotte is a city with a lot of things to do, which you should already know if you’ve decided to pick up one of the Charlotte houses for sale and move here.

There are plenty of museums, parks and trails, as well as great live music and arts scenes.

Some of the most popular activities people tend to do on weekends in Charlotte include going for walks or hikes in one of the many nearby parks, visiting one of the many museums, and catching a show at one of the numerous live music venues in the city.

Whether you’ve moved here solo or with a family with kids, there’s a little something for everyone in the great city of Charlotte, North Carolina.
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Here are a few of the things that current residents love to do in the city on weekends.

Visit Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a public park in Charlotte that was created in 1948. The park is known for its scenic views of the surrounding area.

Freedom Park attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year from all over North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

The park features a large fountain with water jets that can shoot up as high as 30 feet in height. There are also many walking paths throughout Freedom Park that allow visitors to experience nature in peace. This is something residents love to do on weekends, especially when the weather gets warm.

Visit the Mint Museum

The Mint Museum in Charlotte was founded in 1936 and features a variety of exhibits that help people learn about different aspects of art, design, history, and culture. These themes help people understand how things have changed for people of different cultures over time, through the lens of artistic creations.

The Mint Museum’s exhibitions range from photography to painting to sculpture and more. It also has special showcases on how artists are incorporating technology into their work today.

Stop in the Mint Museum to take in some historical art and culture from the area and abroad.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Finally, you’ll also find lots of weekend crowds at Charlotte’s Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art is one of the largest museums in North Carolina and was established in 2010. It is dedicated to modern and contemporary art. The museum has a collection of more than 10,000 pieces of art that spans the last century.

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The museum features works from prominent artists like Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall and Andy Warhol among many others. It also includes rotating exhibits that change every six months or so.

So there you have it: three things people do in Charlotte on the weekends. There is so much more, but these should give you a good idea of the kinds of things that await you when you’ve decided to move to this bustling city full of vibrant and happy people.
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So get out there and enjoy it!

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