What to Look for in a Beauty Blender

While brushes were the original way that most people applied and blended their makeup, it’s likely that in the case of foundation and contour application nowadays, you probably see more people using beauty blenders. Beauty blenders are a more effective way to apply liquid makeup for most people, and they’ve become a staple in the makeup community. Before you grab an Ulta coupon and run out to buy one, however, you should know how to find a good one. Here are the four main things to look for in a beauty blender.

1. Shape

The first thing to look for is the right shape. The original beauty blender was a teardrop shape, which is great for evenly applying a product all across your face, as well as pinpoint application on the tip. However, over the years, other shapes have been developed, and that means there might be another shape you’re interested in.

The most common secondary shape looks like a teardrop with one slice taken out of one side. The flat edge on this shape is intended to make it easier for you to build your foundation. Many shapes build off this shape, with the slice being larger, smaller, or set slightly to a different side.

A less common but still present shape is a dual-ended hourglass shape. This shape tends to look like if the teardrop shape was wearing a belt. It tends to be a bit more ergonomic, allowing you to easily hold a blender that might not otherwise fit comfortably in your hand.

2. Material

It’s a good idea to check the material of the beauty blender before you buy it. Most of the time, a beauty blender is some kind of foam. However, there are also some very eco-friendly makeup sponges that may include different sponge designs and materials.

3. Firmness

Along with material, it’s also a good idea to check firmness, especially if you’re purchasing in person. Different people may have different preferred levels of firmness, and you may even prefer different levels of firmness for individual products. Test how the blender feels in your hand, as well as how it feels tapping onto your skin.

4. Other Special Components

Lastly, you should spare a thought for anything else that you find important in a blender. After all, this may be something you use to apply your makeup every day for months or years. Do you need a blender formulated for sensitive skin? Do you need one meant for a specific brand of products? Are you looking for one that’s bacterial resistant? Know what special preferences you have while going in.


Beauty blenders are a great tool, and their lasting popularity has ensured that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re looking for a great beauty blender, there are many options available. Just use these four pointers to make sure you’re getting the beauty blender that works for you.

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