Which Chlorophyll Form Is Better: Tablets, Powder or Liquid?

Arguably the hottest health trend on the market right now is chlorophyll. You will see almost every notable influencer online talking about chlorophyll on their feed. The green pigmentation that you know from your high school knowledge is what celebrities are all crazy about right now. But how can a pigment that helps plants be beneficial to humans too? And can you get these chlorophyll benefits better when you try liquid chlorophyll? Not to say that other forms of chlorophyll aren’t great, but they are definitely not easily absorbed by the body like the liquid variant.

There are so many chlorophyll benefits.
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But this post isn’t about that, as we want to tackle the ways that you can consume this supplement. In this post, the general assumption is that you have made up your mind to start using chlorophyll. However, you’re still unsure of the ways you can consume it, right? Well, worry no more as we have all the information that you need. Here are some of the forms of taking chlorophyll for you to consider:


You can take chlorophyll by using capsules or tablets. All you need to do is to visit a health food store or buy them online. Their absorption isn’t that bad, but they definitely take a while compared to liquid chlorophyll.

For tablets, you can dissolve them, crash to use, or swallow them whole followed by a drink such as water. For capsules, you can swallow them using water or any drink of your choice.


Powdered supplements are a generalized form of chlorophyll that you can get in tablets, dedicated powders, capsules, and mixed powders. For those wondering what dedicated powders are, this is simply powdered chlorophyll that you can scoop and use in smoothies, recipes, or mixing with water for an easy green drink. Mixed powders, on the other hand, have extra plant ingredients to add to their flavour. They also contain more phytonutrients, healthy minerals, vitamins, and other additives – hence the name mixed.

Initially, the powdered method was the most popular for getting all the chlorophyll benefits. But this has changed over the years. Preparations such as liquid chlorophyll have by far overtaken powdered options.

Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll water may refer to two different things. The first thing that it normally refers to is a less concentrated liquid form of chlorophyll. With this kind of chlorophyll, you will be taking spoonful dosages every day. It has extra ingredients that enhance the taste – so you don’t have to worry about the earthy essence in your mouth. But if you still want to, you can mix it up with water or any other drink of your choice

The other type of liquid chlorophyll is the beverage type. You can find chlorophyll as a beverage in leading health food stores, and even online if you want to look for it. Its composition is usually a mixture of both chlorophyll and water, added to other flavourings to enhance the taste. Typically, it has fruit juices in its mixture so all you have to do is to buy off the shelf and drink right away. They make it in this type of mixture so that they can cut down on the flavour that the green chlorophyll has.

If you like, you can make use of concentrated chlorophyll as an addition to juices and smoothies. This can be appropriate in the morning when you’re having your breakfast. You can also tackle the taste problem using some other ingredients, as long as you don’t overdo things.

Chlorophyll Drops

This is another form of taking liquid chlorophyll. The main composition is usually chlorophyllin mixed with minerals and salts. The carrier liquid in this case is usually either oil or water.

Its concentration is normally so much that a single drop is only but a few drops, instead of just a huge scoop. It is important to recognize also the risk that chlorophyll drops bring.
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As much as credible companies create them, you can’t rule out fakes that have started populating the market. Some dubious business people make chlorophyll drops using essential oils as a base. And this can be very risky when it drops on your skin. They can burn and irritate your skin, leading to many complications that you would have rather avoided. These essential oils can also lead to several digestive problems that last longer than the time you use to take the supplement.

Not to say that all chlorophyll drops or indeed all supplements are fake or altered. Nonetheless, the general rule of thumb is that you ensure you trust your source of supplements.

Final Thoughts

The choice of which way to take chlorophyll is yours to make now. All in all, you will get the chlorophyll benefits by consuming it in whichever way. But you need to remember that liquid chlorophyll is the easiest to enter your system.

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