Which Type of Baby Monitor Should You Use?

Baby monitors are a great tool to use around the house, but there is not just one single design. If you want to take care of your child, then you need to make sure that you are using the right tools for the job, and that means buying the correct monitor for their specific needs and situation.

Audio Monitors

Audio monitors are an easy way to listen in on your child, allowing you to hear them when you are in another room. This is a very straightforward tool, but it can be a good way to monitor their breathing and make sure that they are not distressed overnight.

Good audio monitors will come with volume adjustments and other features that add a little more flexibility, with some even providing two-way communication. While these might be simple, they have a single purpose and can fulfill it very well.

Video Monitors

Video monitors are slightly more advanced, providing the same audio features along with video screens. This usually means that one unit has a camera while the other has a screen, but some will provide an optional screen and camera on each to let your baby see you as well if they need comfort.

How you use, this is up to you. Many parents prefer over-the-crib mounts for a wifi baby monitor like this, ensuring that it will not fall and that they can get a good look at their baby during the night. Others set them up at specific angles so that they can see their child during the day.

Motion Monitors

Motion monitors are slightly different. After being placed under a baby’s mattress, it can alert you to your child’s movements, making sure that you know if your baby is waking up or if they have begun to move more than normal.

This can sound like a niche tool, but it actually has quite a few useful applications. For example, it can help you tell if your child is up and playing or if they are trying to get out of their crib.

Combining Monitors

There is no reason to suggest that you can’t use multiple monitors, either. While it would obviously be more expensive than just buying one, having a few different monitors can keep you more flexible and enable you to check on your baby much more often.

Some parents might even use them in different rooms, providing different kinds of monitoring depending on where their baby is. This can be useful if their play area is in a different place to their crib or if the room is too large to cover with a single monitoring tool.

If you want to find monitors that can work for you – complete with many useful smart features – then do not hesitate to start searching right away. Pages like can provide a good breakdown of different monitors and the features that they offer.

Remember that monitors are useful throughout a large part of your child’s early life. Spending a little more now can help you keep a close eye on them for years to come.

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