Why Large Watch Dials Are Becoming More Popular

It’s no surprise that wristwatches are much larger today than they have been historically. If you are a watch lover, you may find yourself arguing about what the proper size for a watch is. Everyone has their own preferences, so those who like comparatively bigger watches may say that smaller watches are more so for women or younger boys.
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The same could be said from the counter viewpoint. Regardless of each side’s viewpoints, larger watch dials have drastically made a comeback in recent years.

In the watch industry, they will oftentimes use the term “oversized” to indicate that the watch is larger than the average. Although there is no set average size, the traditional size in comparison for a watch is around 40mm wide or smaller. Watch designers know that watches are looked at as status symbols, and that is why brands like Invicta picked up on that trend and began creating watches with larger dials and cases.

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Status symbol

Watches have long been known as a status symbol since they were initially invented. Back in the 1750s, watches were extreme signs of wealth and if you were able to have a pocket watch in your coat, you were considered to be extremely rich. Although there have been big changes in today’s mass production of watches, the concept is still the same. Watches are a status symbol, and as the saying goes, “The bigger, the better”.

In social contexts, people tend to make first impressions simply based on appearance. They may determine things such as your education, wealth, or social position simply based on the jewelry or clothing you are wearing. That is why many people today use watches to help make a good first impression, and larger watch dials are definitely doing the trick.

Shows off complex designs better

Today, watches and dials have become extremely more complex in design. It’s only right for watch wearers to show off the artistic and decorative values that their watches possess. Because of this, many watch wearers prefer larger dials on their cases. Watches are considered to be luxury items, and the more luxurious they are, the more features and complexity the watch’s design will have. The major reason consumers tend to prefer larger watch dials is that the timepieces have become more of a visual status symbol, and watch designers recognized that. That is why they began to offer watches in larger sizes with increasingly complex designs.

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Go Big or Go Home

Size is a funny topic, but it’s been proven that for many, once you go big, you never turn back. This can be in terms of a vehicle, television, or home. However, it is also extremely true for those who wear larger watch dials. For those who have grown accustomed to the larger watches, it is extremely hard to go back to a smaller watch. Many times, they may find themselves reminiscing on what they are missing out on. The boldness and larger diameter of these watches are the most attractive piece to the end-users. In simple terms, large watch dials are becoming more popular because of the go big or go home mindset.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own large-dial watch, here are a couple of examples of Invicta watches from the collection at

Invicta Reserve 53mm Hyperion Swiss Quartz Strap Watch w/ 8DC

This exquisite watch has all the usual things you would look for in your everyday watches such as a bold 53mm case, a silicone strap, and a simple dial. However, this watch was made to impress and has reliable Swiss quartz movement as well as an impressive 20 ATM water resistance. The best part? Several unique luminous tubes are accenting the case, dial, bezel, and strap.

Invicta Reserve 52mm Bolt Magnum Tria Swiss Quartz Dia Watch

This Invicta Reserve Bolt Magnum Tria has screw accents around the bezel to bring out its industrial aesthetic. Shimmering diamonds decorate the dial and even the watch’s case has a unique shape. This watch also comes with day, 60-second, and 30-minute sub-dials and a date window on the main screen, so you won’t have to miss a second! By securing this stainless-steel bracelet to your wrist, you are bound to make a great impression.

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