Why Step & Repeat Banner Is The Show Stealer Of Every Event

Talk about any celebrity event there’s no doubt you will find the whole media thronging in front of a step and repeat banner. We understand that it’s the place where you are most likely to find all the most wanted people of the event, but surely the banners will occupy all of the center stages. Ever wondered why? Long story short – to get a good picture with a good backdrop!

We are living in an era where pictures speak louder than words. Take up any social media handle, you will feel the excitement of the people sharing their pictures. That’s true for any big event too that everyone has their eyes hooked upon and the media is involved. Be it the Oscars or the FIFA ceremony, you will surely spot one in the background. You will now want to let us know that you have come across one such step and repeat banner in the local charity show, right? Yes, such is the popularity of these banners.

Reasons for its popularity

A step and repeat banner portrays together the versatility as well as the vitality. To make this resilient technical fabric is used. It’s affordable and can be made by any printing shop. Be it for personal or commercial use, it is within the reach of anyone and everyone. High-resolution prints are used deliberately to give it a crisp look. The height of the stand can be adjusted according to the requirement. They can be customized in whichever way you want them to look.

When to use it

Anyone can use it. But you should know when to use it also. Step and repeat’s unique feature lies in the pattering of the logos that are meant for exposing the concerned brands to the maximum both in the event and the photos. Using one in a trade show wouldn’t be wise as it will fail to serve its main purpose. On the contrary, if you plan to use them in a graduation ceremony, high school proms, charity fundraisers, company events, they would create an awesome background for Instagrammable pictures.

You might have seen people using it at personal events. They can surely do so, there’s no harm in it. Rather it adds to the uniqueness of the occasion like it can be used in a baby or a bridal shower. Now what would be the logo you want to get imprinted on it is left to your imagination.

How to make the backdrop

If you are planning to use it at a big event, then all you have to do is collect the logos of the sponsorers. Once done, chose a background color and start placing the logos in a definite pattern so that its repetition creates a design. Then choose the size. But if you want to use it at a personal event, for example in a baby shower, you can repeat the cute designs of onesies or nappies and the names of the would-be parents.
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And if you feel you don’t possess the talent for such a thing, then not to worry. Most of the banner printing companies offer the service of professional banner designing.


So, next time you plan to host an event, you can give the step and repeats a try. We bet you won’t regret it.

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